Work Experience at Air Social – Maddy

Monday mornings often appear to be a drag or at least very uninviting. However, knowing that you are going to be taking part in a week of work experience is both exciting and nerve racking at the same time. I already had knowledge of the media world after taking it as a GCSE, but that was school and this was the real life thing. I had no idea what to expect. Passing my beloved Starbucks on the corner and turning onto the cobbled high street, I knew that this was the beginning of something new. Walking up the stoned pathway, passing the many shops and stalls, seeing the people zoom past me, the first thing that popped into my brain was, ‘which building was it?’ Standing in the middle of the street for a good five minutes, looking around like a lost lemon, I re-evaluated the directions I had been given. Following my instincts I approached a door. Praying I was in the right area, I rung the buzzer. To my surprise, I had found the right building. A welcoming voice met me on the other side and I was soon allowed to enter as the door buzzed open. Taking to the staircase I realised that I, Maddy Wren, had conquered my first challenge of the week- finding the right place.

Entering the building the first thing I noticed was how kind and nice everyone was. Walking into the office, I was soon greeted and took a seat opposite a daunting iMac computer. Having only used the basic computers and laptops school had to offer, I was once again nervous and excited to be using the infamous iMac. Tilda introduced herself to me first and explained everything I was going to be doing that week. Everyday had a unique twist and something different to expect- I was content.

After being given my first task of researching viral posts, I took to work. Scrolling through the numerous pages and clicking on the millions of links, I started to create a PowerPoint. Finally finding the correct page, I began the journey of print screening. Realising that my knowledge of Apple computers had not increased since I walked in, I searched my brain for any help. Pressing multiple keys, I held my breath hoping they were the right ones. An annoying beep filled the air as it daunted on me what I had just done. I had pressed the incorrect buttons. Trying again, the same beep repeated as it taunted me about my mistake. I looked over at the abnormal keyboard and finally remembered how to do it- command shift 4. I vowed that day, that those combination of keys will forever be stuck in my head so I would never have to hear that annoying sound again.

Tackling my battle with the keyboard, I was able to continue my research and create an aesthetically pleasing PowerPoint filled with photos, diagrams and information. Once I had finished Tilda had asked how I spelt my name because she wanted to print off the schedule so I had a handheld copy. Tilda had asked if I spelt it with an ‘ie’ at the end and being the nervous, work experience person I was I said yes- sorry about that. I mentally face palmed myself and just agreed for that week my name was spelt with an ‘ie’ instead of a ‘y’.

The rest of the week spun by so quickly that I didn’t realise that by the time it was Wednesday I had the chance to watch the filming of the Seymour’s Thank You Surrey. I was really excited as that was the only time I had witnessed a professional set up. After watching the whole process, Alex had then asked me if I wanted to be apart of it. My immediate reaction was filled with nerves as I agreed that I would. Standing in front of the camera, script in hand, I soon realised that it wasn’t scary at all. I relaxed a little and began talking to the camera, trying to sound as professional as I could. I was so grateful for that opportunity as it allowed me to experience something so different and exciting.

By the time Friday came around, I felt like the week had gone so quickly. I was able to enjoy and experience something so uniquely interesting, that I didn’t want it to be over. I had learnt so much about writing blog articles, the importance of research, designing Instagram posts, the film set- ups of adverts but most importantly, I learnt how to print screen on an Apple computer.

Thank you to the many people at Air Social who made my work experience so fun as well as welcoming me. Also thank you to Tilda and Verity for helping me along the way.

By Maddy Wren

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