Geotargeting, short for “geographic targeting”, is a method of determining and delivering content to someone based on their geographic location. This can vary from a large scale target to an entire country, to a small scale target to a town. 

So why would this be of interest to an advertiser? Well, first and foremost, people want the information they receive in adverts to be relevant. Are you going to order from the pizza restaurant two towns over when there’s one 10 minutes down the road? Keeping offers, information and news linked to the location of your audience helps ensure you get a high level of engagement with your content and provide a positive advertising experience for your audience.

It sounds like common sense, doesn’t it? So why might people not want to geo-target so precisely? Well, because the more precisely you geo-target, the more your traffic volume diminishes. We would rarely recommend it for a product or service that has a non-localised appeal, in these situations you are far better off spreading wide and it will be cheaper for it!

Geotargeting is a valuable tool in your advertising arsenal; sometimes to be able to make the right offer in the right place at the right time is precisely what you need. Having the power to change your offering depending on the geographic area is an incredibly useful tool to have, giving you a way to control cost as you don’t waste money on locations you don’t serve. 

It’s not just private companies who are harnessing the power of geo-targeting. Recently, Surrey County Council approached Air Social to help produce a digital marketing campaign that would deliver the government’s Test and Trace scheme across the county. 

In the event of a localised outbreak of coronavirus, Air Social has the power to deliver urgent updates, within minutes, to everyone on social media within a set catchment area based on postcodes, age and multiple other criteria. By utilising the Google Display network, internet users that are not active on social media can also receive these updates from us. This method of communication is immeasurably faster than a leaflet drop that would take weeks to print and deliver. Close monitoring of government sources enables us to provide real-time updates on the Test and Trace scheme across Surrey. Running alongside this, our organic social media campaign signposts residents to the correct sources of relevant information. 

If you are interested in learning more about how Air Social can help you utilise geo-targeting then get in touch with us today.

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