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YouTube Introduces “Video Action Campaigns” And Other Great Tools

One of the effects of the lockdown has been to force businesses to adjust their online advertising campaigns in order to shift focus onto boosting online sales. YouTube has jumped on this opportunity to offer a new option for “Video Action” campaigns. 

70% of people say that they have bought from a brand as a result of seeing it advertised on YouTube. eCommerce product listings can now appear beneath video ads as a way to showcase specific products from your catalogue and gives an easy and instant way to buy them.

In the words of YouTube, “we’re experimenting with a new way to make your actionable video ads more shoppable”. While ads play, you will be able to browse through the catalogue, and the hope is that this will inspire more purchases. 

For those of us interested in the practical side to this, you will be glad to know that the process is mostly automated and those advertisers who are eligible will be able to sync their Google Merchant Centre feed directly to their video ads.

The new Video Action Campaign option will “drive action” to watch pages, YouTube home feed and other Google video partners all within a single campaign. You’ll be able to maximise the reach of your best performing adverts, and although you reduce your targeting options, you can trust in YouTube to display your adverts to the right audiences and maximise the response. 

For the likes of Air Social-ers, we’re pleased that Google will finally be adding YouTube to its Google Ads attribution reports. This will enable us to give our clients more of an insight into how future budgets should be allocated in order to get their adverts performing at their very best. 

To sum up, we have a whole host of new options to play with, and we can’t wait to be putting them into action. In Google’s own words “As businesses begin to reopen and enter into a state of recovery, we hope these new solutions will make it even easier for you to find new leads, boost web traffic or drive sales.”
If you are interested in taking full advantage of the various tools that social media platforms have to offer but don’t know where to begin then get in touch with us today and see what we can do you help your business thrive. Our team of expert digital marketers know all the tools and tricks necessary to get your content to the people who need and want to see it.

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