Work experience at Air Social – Luke Oldfield

College Student, Luke Oldfield, approached us with his previous graphic design and video editing experience, as well as his knowledge of Adobe software and Final Cut Pro. He has always wanted to work for a digital agency, so we were of course very excited to have him on board at Air Social in Guildford for two action-packed weeks.


When I was browsing places to gain work experience, Air Social stood out from the crowd. Their cool, colourful and playful website drew me in. I emailed Managing Director, Alex, asking if I could organise two weeks of work experience with them; out of the companies I emailed, they were the first to reply – I knew I was in good hands!

On the first day, I was a bag of nerves… that didn’t last that long! Within moments of stepping into the office, I was welcomed with opened arms and felt settled very quickly. When I sat down at my new desk for the first time, I thought I had definitely made the right choice for work experience.

I knew these two weeks would be very productive and that I would learn a whole lot about the world of work. After I got my laptop set up at my desk, and been poured a glass of water and cup of tea, I had a meeting with Tilda and Emily about what Air Social do, as well as an overview of what I’d be working on throughout my time here. Tilda and Emily were very friendly and helpful throughout the whole experience.

In the first week, I researched how Air Social and other marketing agencies use Instagram organically, and what the pros/cons of different pages were. I was then asked to demonstrate what a successful Instagram page looked like, creating examples of written content as well as creatives using Photoshop.

In the second week, I wrote a content plan for Air Social’s Instagram page. I enjoyed this as it gave me an understanding of how much planning goes into engaging audiences via social media. I designed graphics in photoshop to accompany my written plan; referring to Air Social’s brand guidelines. However, my favourite job was getting behind a DSLR and recording a wide variety of Guildford shots for a video Tilda was working on.

I have loved my two weeks here and have gained knowledge of IT skills, marketing, working in an office and I have made new friends. I was really comfortable working in the office. All the staff are really friendly, chatty and have some great banter. I would absolutely recommend Air Social to anyone who is looking for Digital Marketing Work Experience.

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