Digital Marketing Guildford: Why did your last lead go cold?

As marketing has moved progressively towards digital, quantifiable lead generation has been forced to the forefront of all of our minds. Many of us know the great feeling of opening an inbox to see a stream of leads have come in since leaving work the previous day. So often, however, we find that the follow-up process is neglected and leads don’t receive the attention they should.

Lead nurturing is incredibly simple; it’s about opening a dialogue and building a relationship with each person interested in your product or service.

Generating quality leads is rendered entirely useless if you haven’t got a follow-up strategy in place. Your leads will most likely slip through the net or feel disengaged.
Read below our top tips on how to nurture your leads to build effective lead generation properly:

Quality over quantity

Unfortunately, the efficiency of the internet is not always a good thing and submitting an enquiry can be a seamless and quick process. While this is great for internet users, it’s not great for businesses if there’s no real or continued interest from those users in your product or service after enquiring.

Therefore, take a second to assess the authenticity of the enquiry. Ensure name, email address and phone number are legitimate and that if they’ve left a message, this conveys a real interest. And finally, if it’s B2B, LinkedIn might be your best bet in checking this.

Educate you leads

Your prospect probably isn’t going to buy into your business right off the bat and will require more information. Keep this concise and try to personalise it to their needs. Remember, there is competition out there, so they’ll need some convincing.

Treat your leads as individuals

Don’t forget that these leads are people who are genuinely interested in your product or service. Service them as you would face to face. A personal and professional approach is crucial and will build a trusting relationship.

Play the long-game

It’s easy to dive into a sale straight away, but being too eager might cost you a lead. Daily calls or emails will only deter your leads. Give them time to digest information and focus much more on starting a conversation, rather than sale, sale, sale!

Lead nurturing is integral to the success of any marketing strategy. Every lead’s buying journey will vary, but if you follow our top tips, you’ll be able to establish meaningful relationships with every enquiry and increase that all-important conversion rate.

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