Social and Digital Media Trends | What’s in and out for social and digital media in 2024

The social and digital media industry is ever-changing and undoubtedly moves at a fast pace, which is why it’s important that businesses and organisations are ahead of the curve. By tapping into some of the latest trends, brands can leverage the platforms and create impactful social and digital media strategies, which drive engagement, raise awareness and demonstrate ROI.

Here’s some of the trends which we’ll be saying hello and waving goodbye to over the next 12 months.

Social platforms are the new search engines |  Social platforms, particularly image and video-led platforms including the likes of TikTok and Instagram, represent one of the biggest threats to traditional search engines. Nearly a third (29%) of Gen Z and millennials prefer to search for information on social platforms. Even so, the majority of consumers still recognise search engines as the best way to access information. It just provides some food for thought for marketeers on the importance of sharing thought-provoking, informative content. 

Authenticity | Authenticity is a huge buzzword across social platforms right now. For brands and organisations, it refers to whether customers or clients feel a brand is genuine about its products or services and adheres to its values. With the transparency of social media, brands can no longer just ‘talk the talk’, as a less-than-happy customer could be waiting in the wings to call them out. According to research by X (formerly Twitter), 81% of social media users are happy to be sold to, they just want to know the brand or organisation they are engaging with is genuine, trustworthy and transparent.

Return of the long-form video | Long-form video is set to have a renaissance this year, with many of the key platforms increasing video lengths. We’re not talking 15-minute videos, content between two and five minutes long is sufficient enough. Long-form video content enables businesses to delve deeper into particular topics and explore ideas in more detail. For many organisations, slick video and expertly-curated content are the goals, so focus on ‘evergreen’ topics that can be used over and over again.

AI in social media | Since ChatGPT broke onto the scene in 2022, AI has been making waves across the marketing industry.  Although AI has been used in the digital stratosphere for a while, more recently it is being used for advanced data analysis, which is set to continue this year. AI algorithms can analyse larger volumes of data, helping to gain insightful knowledge, uncover patterns and better predict behaviour. This in turn, is helping digital managers make better, more informed decisions and optimise marketing strategies as a result.

Create shareable content | Engagement is the ultimate goal for social media marketeers, so shares will matter more than comments, likes or followers in 2024. Creating content that another person shares with their network demonstrates the post’s validity and the fact they’re willing to share with their own audience. If you want to understand which content hits the spot, look at what’s been working previously. Posts which connect with your audience, share a service such as valuable information or evoke emotion among your followers are usually winners. According to Entrepreneur, social media content shared by employees gets eight times more engagement.

And what’s out?

A scattergun approach to social media

Just because something is trending doesn’t mean it will work for your business. Although Facebook is the most used social platform with 3 billion users, it may not be the best social tool for all organisations.  An integrated social media strategy will help businesses and brands identify the channels which will help hit KPIs and ROI, as well as communicate with the correct target audience.

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