What social media platforms are right for your business?

Social media platforms are a great digital marketing tool, but not every platform is suitable for every kind of business. If you’re struggling to figure the right ones to use to spread the word about your business, here’s our handy guide.


Facebook is still the leading social network out there and the chances are plenty of your customers will be using it, which is a good argument for setting up a Facebook page for your business but it’s not the only reason. Facebook’s advertising platform has powerful targeting options, which are an excellent way to drive sales. Facebook for business also allows you to collect reviews and gives you another way to engage with your customers.


While Instagram is owned by Facebook, it’s a much more image-led platform so best for strong visual brands, such as fashion or food-related businesses. It also has an ad platform and then there’s Instagram stories and IG TV which allows you to really build a story around our brand and engage with your audience that way. It’s especially popular with younger, style-conscious people, so if that’s your target audience, it’s definitely a winner.


Another one for brands with a strong visual image, although the way it works is very different to Facebook and Instagram. One bonus Pinterest has over Instagram is that “Pins” can link directly back to a web page so you can use the site to promote products directly. It’s great for things like clothing and jewellery and, because it generally appeals more to women than men, is good for businesses that have a female target audience.


While the targeting on Twitter’s ad platform isn’t quite as powerful as Facebook’s, people who use Twitter are a really active community and many businesses successfully promote themselves using this platform. It is generally harder to attract direct sales on Twitter so you do need to be creative but it is a great place to engage with your customers.


LinkedIn isn’t the best match for businesses selling a product or service to consumers, but if you’re focusing on business to business products or services, then this platform can be a great place to spread word about your work. You’ll need to make sure you connect with people in the right way, which means thinking strategically about the content you post and not just spamming anyone you think might be interested in what you do.

Our advice however would be not to spread yourself too thinly at first as the chances are you’ll end up doing a bad job. So, decide which one or two social networks you think will work best for your business, then focus on building up your presence there. And, if you need help coming up with a social media marketing strategy then the team at Air Social are always on hand to help. You can contact us here.

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