What are the benefits of having a microsite?

It’s a common misconception that a microsite is just a mini-website with little or no SEO value. Microsites can be a powerful tool in any business’ digital marketing arsenal. Here’s why…

Effective Branding

If you want to launch a new product or service, you’ll want it to stand out from its ‘mother’ brand. Perhaps you want to launch the product to a new or different target market from your main product or service? Microsites are a very effective branding tool that enable you to give your ‘secondary’ product or service its own shop window with branding that is appropriate and visually appealing to its own target audience. Furthermore, there are no distractions from other products, meaning your customers get a focused path to checkout.


Because every microsite has its own URL, people will be able to find your product and services faster and easier when they search for them online, rather than them being hidden within another website. While regular websites can never have more than one to two keywords in their domain name, microsites can also feature an assortment of keyword-rich domain names that are highly valued by the top search engines and increase your contents’ ranking importance.

Slicker homepages

Too much information and choice on a single website can confuse customers, which may cause them to leave your site without making a purchase. By having separate microsites, you can be more direct with your marketing messages and increase the chances of users completing the customer journey. 

Great experimental tool

Sending out various campaign messages via different microsites can help you test your market, enabling you to better gauge the effectiveness of your messages and which might be better over another. They’re also particularly useful for anything that has a short lifespan because they are easier, quicker and cheaper to develop.

Cost efficient

Contrary to what most people think, building and maintaining microsites may be more affordable than creating bigger websites. Not only do they take a shorter time to create, they are also easier to manage.

Looking to develop a microsite for a new product launch or service? Air Social Digital Marketing Agency in Guildford specialises in all aspects of website development, including microsites. To see some examples, visit our project page or contact us if you would like more information on how we might be able to help your business. 


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