Welcome, Emily!

Anyone coming into our offices recently will have noticed a new addition to our team (no, not the puppy – she’s been here for a while!). We are very proud to announce the arrival of Emily Edwards, our lovely Marketing Assistant.

Graduating this year from her Communications and Media degree from Leeds University, Emily knew that she wanted to pursue digital media. “I applied to Air Social after seeing the website – it looked friendly, approachable and fun. I liked that it was an independent business.”

“When I was looking for my next step after university, I wanted to find somewhere that would give me the freedom to explore different areas. I also wanted to find somewhere very creative, getting into the nitty-gritty of the media hub.”

When Emily isn’t applying her multi-talents to Air Social, she can mostly be found being practical, social, or both: “I really enjoy DIY projects, sewing and upcycling things – décor, clothes, anything hanging around! I really like travelling about to see family and friends, and I also enjoy seeing theatre when I can.”

“After just three weeks here, I know that this is what I want to do as my career – I feel like part of the family already!”

We are very excited to have Emily on our team, she’s already displayed her verve for practicalities and has taken on assistance for Content, both with creative and copy. It’s a pleasure to have her on-board with all of us as our team grows again and we prepare for the next step on our journey.

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