Vine may be dead but social video marketing is alive and kicking

This week Twitter announced that it would be shutting down its mobile video app Vine, the infamous portal where people upload and share their six-second ‘home’ videos.

Soon after its launch in 2012, Vine became a haven for You’ve Been Framed-style clips of people’s cats falling off refrigerators, goats singing along to Taylor Swift tunes and start-up comedians trying to get their jokes heard.

The short-lived platform has been an important part of the internet’s evolution to a place where creativity could be unleashed in extremely short bursts and there’s no doubt that it kick-started the video revolution on social media.

Today, no effective integrated communications plan is complete without incorporating the power of social marketing and videos are a key aspect of that strategy.

In this digital age, every major online business is making a concerted effort to trumpet how many video views they are racking up and spreading the outreach of this content via social media is a sure fire way to ensure viewer numbers remain at their peak.

This summer, Facebook announced it had reached 1 billion monthly active users on its Facebook Messenger app, making it one of the most popular apps globally. Vine only ever reached a fifth of that.

In fact around 8 billion videos are viewed each day on Facebook, that’s around 100 million hours of video so, if you combine the power of video marketing with the popularity of Facebook, your business could go through the roof.

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