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Twitter expanding testing of Fleets

We wrote in April how Twitter was in the process of testing its answer to Instagram “Stories”, you can read that article here. It has been tested in Brazil since March, Italy since May and now the test will be expanding to users in India while the company continues to gather feedback. It’s still not confirmed for a full worldwide release, but we’re pretty sure it will be soon.

“Fleets” disappear 24 hours after posting and Twitter hopes that they will be an answer for people who don’t feel comfortable with the permanence of Tweeting. They will be accessible by tapping on a user’s profile picture. They do not appear on your timeline, nor can they be “retweeted, “liked” or receive public replies. You will, however, be able to respond to a “Fleet” with a reaction emoji. The principal aim of Fleets is simple “allowing people to share what they’re thinking in a way that is light-touch and light-hearted” says Manish Maheshwari, Managing Director at Twitter India.

The initial observations from the trial in Brazil are in, and Twitter has shared their findings with the public. They found that “Fleets” make it easier for people to share their thoughts and opinions, encourages people to interact with the app more and to share more ideas. On top of this, preliminary tests have found that there has been less abuse witnessed and fewer messages being reported on a daily basis. 

Meanwhile, LinkedIn is also toying with the idea of rolling out its own version of “Stories” with tests also being carried out in Brazil, the Netherlands and the UAE. 

So why all this fuss about Stories? Well, Mark Zuckerberg himself said, “We expect Stories are on track to overtake posts in Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps.” Facebook’s Stories feature sees more than half a billion daily users, which represents a third of the platform’s daily userbase. It’s the future of social media interaction, so if you’re not jumping on this trend now, then you should be!

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