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Tips to improve your Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook Ads are a good way to advertise your business, product or services, with billions of users active every single day and an easy-to-use platform which has a very detailed targeting list, it’s easy to see why so many businesses flock to the platform and hold it as a key component of their digital marketing strategies. 

However, there are many pitfalls and mistakes which are easily overlooked. Many of these can happen even before a campaign launches, which if not done right, can result in campaign failure. This results in wasted investment and is a harsh reminder that advertising on Facebook isn’t easy or as straightforward as many perceive. Below are some tips on how you might be able to set your campaigns up for success.

Develop Your Audience 

Like all marketing, it’s important you know your audience. With the number of targetable details on Facebook, it’s easy to go a little crazy and keep adding in lots of details which you believe may be relevant, even if it is to the nth degree. However, there is a balancing act, you want your audience to be precise and match who your target market is, but you also need to ensure that the audience size doesn’t become too small and too specific. This is because you will be continually reaching the same users or not reaching the right users who are going to complete the action you desire, which is why testing is so important.

Not Testing Campaigns

Practice makes perfect and the same can be said with Facebook campaigns. Setting up a campaign is relatively simple, it’s step by step and the guidance make putting everything together easy for you, misleadingly so. To ensure that you’re able to drive not only the results you want but to keep improving on those results, you need to test variables against one another. As mentioned before, testing different audience, whether slightly or majorly different is just one way to monitor and test campaigns. You can test and compare; creative, messaging, placements, objective, platform, all of which can have varying results and impact your campaigns in different ways.  This testing takes time and budget, but once an effective strategy is found, you can often cover than investment in no time at all. 

Develop Your Message

Hello, is this thing on? As mentioned, testing is something that is key to the success of Facebook campaigns, so you’re message and creative is no different. Understanding why a customer is interested in your business is vital and this can often only be uncovered through trial and error. As you test different ad messaging and creative, try and think what someone who doesn’t know your business might make of this advert, are you displaying the USP’s, is it enticing, is the call to action clear. Once you find a creative and message that starts to work, test again, continue to make small, yet noticeable changes and see if that drives better results. 

Not Seeing The Big Picture

For many businesses, the time taken from an impression, to click to conversion is not as simple as 1,2,3, this can take time. Facebook, although a great marketing channel, is primarily a social media channel, people are not there to buy things, so it takes time to change their mindset and expecting quick conversions can often lead in unrealistic goal and perceived failure. You need to take your time and see the bigger picture, understand that a user is learning about you, probably for the first time, so you are building familiarity and subtly trying to lead them to conversion. 

If you need any more information or advice on your Facebook campaigns, need some guidance on where to start or are looking for an agency which can manage yours for you, get in touch today. 

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