Five tips for a successful email marketing campaign

In the old days, paper mail clogged up our letterboxes but in this digital age, it’s our electronic mailboxes that are bursting at the seams. So, if you’re trying to get your message out there, how do you ensure your email doesn’t get deleted among the hundreds – sometimes thousands – of automated emails people receive each day? Here are Air Social Digital Marketing Agency’s top five tips for a successful email marketing campaign.


First impressions count in the digital world just as much as they do in real life and so your subject line – the first thing the recipient sees – is of utmost importance. Personalisation is also an excellent method of getting your audience attention. The more personal you can get, the easier it is to build trust. You’ll also have a better chance of your emails being opened – research suggests that emails with a personalised subject line are 26% more likely to get opened. You can pique the interest of the customer simply by including their name or their favourite products in the subject line. You don’t just have to stick to subject lines however, you could personalise the imagery, product offering or call to action depending on the customer.


Sending out blanket emails to thousands of email addresses in the hope someone will open it isn’t enough these days. Most unsuccessful email marketing campaigns fail because the sender treated every email recipient the same. Gather as much data as you can, from geographic location to customer buying habits and then study that data and compile lists that you can target specific emails to accordingly. Since GDPR has come into force, many companies have seen a reduction in subscriber numbers, so don’t forget to reward those who have remained loyal – perhaps an incentive to treat themselves or others.


Keep your layout clean and simple; it should look professional and be easy to navigate, or the recipient is likely to lose interest. Don’t overload your design with flashy graphics, huge fonts and other in-your-face items. Equally, don’t overload on copy either; economy of language is vital to get your message across quickly. Remember that people are time-poor and you need to grab their attention before they hit the delete button. Lastly, and especially if you’re targeting Millennials or Gen Z, don’t forget to make sure your email-marketing material is mobile friendly.

Include a call to action

There’s no point in sending out emails publicising your products or services if you don’t ask your customers to do something beyond window shop. Remember the point of your email – to get customers to click through to your website and hopefully buy a product or service. It doesn’t matter what the call to action is – from asking customers to fill out a survey to making a purchase or watching a video – make sure you include one in every email.

Measurable objectives

Before you do anything, it’s essential to establish why you are sending out the email in the first place, as well as what you are hoping to achieve.

What is the objective of the email marketing campaign, and how will it help you achieve your business goals? How will you measure the success of the marketing campaign? Set clear KPIs and work to those goals.

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