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Social marketers hold the trade tools of tomorrow

As deftly as a bricklayer lays bricks or a carpenter carves wood, social marketers hold the tools of the trade for this generation.

It is universally recognized that no effective integrated communications plan is complete today without incorporating the power of social marketing. The latter today represents a $10 billion global industry and close to 10% of every company’s total marketing spend. As the fastest growing marketing sector, by 2020, this is projected to rise to over 20%.

John Wanamaker famously once said “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the problem is I don’t know which half”. Had he lived in the age of social media, these words could never have been uttered, such is the unprecedented capacity of social media to deliver targeted, measurable solutions.

Facebook is unquestionably the most powerful social media platform there has ever been, with its 1.59 billion global monthly active users and 5 new profiles being created every second. But what began as a platform to connect US college students has grown into the largest and most effective market research organization in the world, with few people realizing the volume of data that marketers can pull from it, or how best to use it.

Facebook boasts an expansive range of business features and advertising techniques available to anyone who has an account. The art is to master them, to use them to effectively grow your business and to capture your target market on a consistent basis.

This is our specialism… applying our skills to identify and communicate with your target customers, transforming your business, staying ahead of your competitors.

Using Facebook’s range of pixels, custom conversions, tracking and monitoring assets and other social marketing tools, we are able to create almost identical audiences that specifically match those of your current clientele. We can track individual social footprints, ensuring that your business is in their line of sight at every available touch point.

The power of advertising is in its simplicity. The most powerful campaigns are the simplest, conveying subliminal messages to your target audience. These campaigns are amplified by social marketing, enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency and delivering a superior rate of enquiry through consistent re-targeting of consumers at every turn. With zero wastage, cost efficiency is at a premium.

Although Facebook is unquestionably THE giant of social media and one of the most powerful online marketing tools available, it is only one part of our and your armoury.  We understand the power of different networks to achieve different solutions and we work on behalf of our clients to deliver multi-faceted solutions, harnessing the individual power and capabilities of each network. The unique power of Twitter lies in community engagement; while Linkedin comes into its own as a highly simple and effective B2B platform.

Building a strong social presence and identifying and targeting potential customers through social marketing are fundamentals for any business. We recognize that and have built a team with the skills to deliver against that. Our growing client base is our best calling card.

We are marketers who strive for excellence, taking great pride in delivering a competitive advantage to our clients. We may have our heads in the social media cloud, but our feet are firmly on the ground.

Author: Oliver Walpole

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