November 8, 2022

State of Digital Oct 2022

The annual State of Digital report from Hootsuite & We Are Social is a treasure trove of insights and data. The report covers everything digital from a global to a country level. 

Recently the second update to the 2022 report landed, and there are a lot of interesting data points you can spend hours going through. 

The Air Social team have highlighted some of the stats that jumped out to us and what these stats mean to businesses. 

Stat: Facebook is still the largest social network by far. 

Takeaway: Your brand needs to be on Facebook.

Stat: 84.5% of the UK population are social media users & 30.9% of their time spent online is on social media.

Takeaway: Your audience is guaranteed to be on social media; if anyone doubts, show them this stat. 

Stat: On average, UK internet users are active on 6.2 social networks.

Takeaway: Don’t limit your brand to one social network; your audience isn’t.

Stat: 35.1% of UK internet users actively seek out brands on social media.

Takeaway: Be findable, ensure your social platforms are branded correctly and use branded hashtags. 

Stat: 91.7% of the UK’s 18+ population can be reached with YouTube advertising. 

Takeaway: Want to reach as much of your audience as possible with one platform? Start running YouTube ads. 

Stat: Globally, TikTok ads now reach 945 million people over 18 each month, which is a 121 million increase over the last 12 months.

Takeaway: TikTok ads are growing fast; if your target audience is active on TikTok, consider testing an ad campaign asap. 

Stat: Outside of the app, the TikTok website has grown to become the 20th most visited site in the world.

Takeaway: TikTok is growing super fast, even beyond the app. It is time to get serious about including TikTok in your social media strategy. 

Stat: 59.3% of UK internet users buy online every week. 

Takeaway: Ensure your website loads quickly, and the user experience is fluid with minimal clicks between products and checkout. If your brand isn’t selling its products or services online, it is time to change that.

Stat: 27% of Global internet users discover new brands, products, and services through ads on social media.

Takeaway: If you aren’t already, start running brand awareness campaigns on social media targeting new customers. 

Stat: 54.1% of UK internet users research brands, products, and services online before purchasing.

Takeaway: Make sure your SEO is on-point and there are positive reviews for your business, and monitor social media for people talking about your brand/product/service. 

Stat: Search engines and social networks are the most used channel for online brand research. 

Takeaway: When was the last time you audited how your brand appears in search and on social? Run a search on Google/Bing with your brand name and do the same on each social media network. Are you happy with what you find? 

Stat: Only 8.6% of UK internet users feel represented in the advertising they see.

Takeaway: There is an easy win here, advertisers who make sure images and videos used in their advertising feature people who look and act like their audience are likely to beat the competition by miles. 

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