Six ways to increase your business’ Facebook page engagement with video

Six ways to increase your business’ Facebook page engagement with video

At Air Social digital marketing agency, we’re acutely aware of the power of video and how it helps our client’s businesses. We’ve already posted tips about effective video content but how do you go about making sure that content gets noticed and by the right people?

Post videos directly to Facebook

If you’re already familiar with producing videos and have a YouTube, which you share to your social media pages, how about posting the videos direct to Facebook instead? Videos posted directly to Facebook (native videos) automatically start play as users scroll through their news feeds, meaning they are more likely to catch your followers’ attention than if they need to click on the video to view.

Create videos that are the correct length

According to Facebook, the videos that get the most engagement when posted on the platform are those which are between 30 seconds and two minutes long. The ideal length of a video is between 60 and 90 seconds.

Go Live

If you don’t already post live videos on Facebook then give it a try! Live videos automatically shoot to the top of your followers’ news feed so it’s a great way to grab their attention. The live video could be anything from a tour of your office to ‘meet the team’; a quick personal piece to camera about your day ahead or perhaps a short ‘how to’ video showing people how to use one of your business’ products or services. 


There are a number of ways you can optimise the outreach of your videos to increase the chances of them appearing in relevant feeds on Facebook, thus encouraging better engagement. In the same way that you can optimise a website to make it more prevalent on search engines, you can also optimise Facebook videos and posts by adding keywords to the video title and description, as well as adding relevant tags. 

Create a video playlist

Once you have amassed a number of native Facebook videos, collate them into a playlist on your Facebook page. This means that when a follower watches one of your videos, other related videos from the playlist will continue to be shown in their feeds.

Use Cinemagraphs

Technically a video file that plays in a loop, these animated photos – or GIFS – look like a still photo but with some minor movement so they really stand out against the thousands of normal photos in people’s news feeds and don’t require the commitment of watching a fill 30 second video.

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