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Simple SEO tips to get your business website to show up on Google

It’s one of those ongoing digital marketing battles – getting your business’ website to appear on the initial pages of Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a bit of a minefield, particularly when Google constantly update the way they rank pages.

Business owners have enough to do without keeping up with all the changes, which is why it’s always advisable to seek the advice of professionals like us here at Air Social Digital Marketing Agency. However, there are some basic practices which can help you boost your website ranking.


One of the easiest ways to help your website have a better chance of being engaged with in Google searche results is to make sure each and every page on your site has a good meta title and meta description of your company, products and services. These titles and descriptions should include the keywords that your customers will use to find you on Google. For example, if your business offers golf tuition in Guildford then it’s as simple as having ‘golf tuition in Guildford’ in your title!

Google have confirmed that the keywords within this meta content is not used by them to determine what your pages are about, however nevertheless this content is vital as it motivates a the right users to click through to your page.


Search engines like Google love it when websites answer questions clearly and in lots of detail therefore, the better your website is at providing clear answers, the better chance it’ll have of appearing at the top of the results page when users conduct their search.

A blog is a great way of answering questions and adding fresh detail to your website on a regular basis and will increase the chances of your website bringing in new visitors.

It’s also a great way of engaging with your audience and keeping them up to date with your latest news and success stories.


GoogleMyBusiness is a tool that can help you manage and adjust how your site will appear in Google search results, Google Maps, Google Knowledge Graph etc to make it easier for customers to find out information like your location, services and opening times.


If you don’t have company social media accounts then set them up using your company’s logo and branding and use them to share content from your website and other websites from your industry will help position your business as an expert in its field.

Not only will this enable more people to find out about you, there’s more chance they with share and link to your website content and the more your content is linked to from other websites related to your industry, the better chance your site will have at being ranked higher.

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