Alex was recently invited as a guest speaker on the legendary SHOOT EDIT CHAT REPEAT podcast with the lovely Vicki & Eddie.
The theme of the episode focused on getting your social media plan sorted!
Here are a few questions for listeners to help plan their social media strategy and identify their audience:

Have you done any previous marketing? If so what platforms have you used?

If yes, what return on investment (ROI) were you receiving for this?

What are the unique selling points (USPs) of your business?

Can you describe your core clientele? Does this differ from your ideal clientele?

Does your business attract local clientele or national (e.g. an e-commerce store or a national practice etc…)

What are your marketing objectives? (Lead generation, boosting company or personal profiles, driving traffic to the website etc…)

What are the key elements of your business you would like to advertise?

Do you have a clear vision of your business goals and targets of what you’d like to achieve through digital?


If you need help planning your digital strategy, general marketing advice or perhaps a shiny new website. We’d love to hear from you.

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