February 14, 2024

Setting the Foundations: It’s all about strategy 

As the saying goes ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’, it may sound obvious, but almost half of companies (47%)* don’t have a defined digital marketing strategy in place. Many of these organisations know that they want to achieve brand awareness or drive sales but haven’t considered the specifics or defined a strategic goal. This can result in wasted time, money, resources and ultimately, campaigns that just aren’t hitting the mark.

Strategic planning helps lay the foundations for a successful marketing campaign. It helps define your audience, key messages, the right platforms for delivery and set objectives. By undertaking the correct planning process from the start, businesses can identify tactics to ensure they can connect with their audience, encourage customer engagement, build brand awareness and establish the best foundations to maximise ROI.

How can a carefully crafted strategy help achieve business success?

It provides direction

Organisations can sometimes spread themselves too thinly, losing sight of core objectives and attempting to pursue too many audiences, channels or marketing tactics all at once. This can lead to lack of cohesion, confusion and inefficiency. A solid strategy enables you to target your audience with precision. By understanding your ideal customer’s demographics, interests and behaviours, you can create tailored content that resonates with them and also allows you to identify which channel or platform works best for your audience. This will essentially lead to higher rates of engagement and conversion.

It maintains consistency 

Many organisations without a clear marketing strategy tend to utilise marketing sporadically and only focus on driving activity when they need to achieve a particular goal. This can lead to an inconsistent approach and, inevitably, marketing activity stops once the goal has been achieved. Marketing campaigns that happen in peaks and troughs can lead to an erratic sales pipeline and can make business decisions more difficult because of inconsistent results. A marketing strategy provides consistency, helps forge brand visibility and maintains its recognition online. A well-executed digital marketing strategy ensures that your brand or organisation remains front of mind and visible to potential customers or clients. 

It saves money

When there isn’t a defined strategy in place, it can seem beneficial to spend on one-off campaigns and essentially ‘test’ the water, but this can be a waste of time and money. Successful marketing campaigns are built upon consistency; running a LinkedIn campaign for a couple of weeks every now and again is not going to achieve long-term results. A defined strategy can ensure the budget is planned and allocated appropriately in line with objectives. A good digital marketing agency can focus on optimisation and make recommendations on spend, for example spending more money doesn’t necessarily increase success.

It provides clarity

While a marketing strategy focuses on clients and customers, it’s also an incredibly useful tool to share with your team. Businesses and organisations flourish when there is an understanding of roles, expectations and targets. A marketing strategy can also benefit the whole organisation and support everyone from marketing and sales to admin and finance and offer them a clear understanding of a company’s direction, growth objectives and how their individual roles contribute to the overall success of the company. 

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