WSP is one of the world's leading engineering professional services firms, with over 37k talented people across 40 countries. The company develops sustainable engineering solutions, planning, managing and implementing impactful solutions to uniquely complex problems.

The Challenge

In 2019 WSP launched its Future of Leadership campaign in the UK to strategically position the company to win two Highways England bids. Air Social was brought on board to target key decision-makers who were attending the Highways UK exhibition through a carefully devised digital advertising and marketing campaign.

Our Approach

During the month building up to the event, our expert digital marketers produced a series of targeted adverts to sow the seeds of awareness and, during the event itself, we used geo-targeting tools to focus our attention solely on the geographical surroundings of the exhibition to ensure people at the event saw WSP’s adverts and key messaging.

We used geo-targeting tools to ensure people at the event saw WSP’s adverts and key messaging.

The Results

During our campaign key decision-makers within Highways UK came to understand and value the work of WSP and we were able to ensure the company stayed at the forefront of the minds of key decision makers at the most critical time.

WSP was awarded the Highways UK bids and continues to use Air Social to support its digital marketing and organic social media activities. Since this initial work, we have carried out dozens of projects across a variety of sectors, from infrastructure to rail and utilities, to help boost B2B brand awareness and feed conversation among key decision makers, existing customers and thought leaders.

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