Jane Plan

Jane Plan delivers deliciously healthy meal plans that help people in their goal to lose weight. When Jane Plan approached us, they were concerned about the very low engagement their social media presence was receiving, especially on Facebook, which should have been one of the best performing platforms for them.

The data was worrying. In February of 2017, their content only reached 3,783 newsfeeds and attracted only 167 likes, comments, shares and link clicks…combined! The engagement that the pages were receiving was not positive and was mainly made up of “trolls” steering conversations off-topic and, in doing so, detracting from their Jane Plan’s brand values.

The Work

Air Social undertook a careful analysis of Jane Plan’s social media insights and came up with an organic strategy that not only significantly increased their following and engagement rate but encouraged more positive and reaffirming comments and conversations. Air Social succeeded in growing an audience of potential customers who also use the platform as a place to share their achievements and experiences. The most impressive thing was, we did all of this organically and without paid advertising!

One area that has had particular success are the competitions that Air Social has run to increase engagement and promote the brand. These competitions have encouraged tagging, liking and following the social pages and have initiated brand-boosting dialogues. Before and after photos of successful dieters show off the real results that are achievable with Jane Plan.

The quantifiable data that Air Social has gathered during our time working with Jane Plan has been invaluable for them and has allowed them to see which products are being well received as well enabling them to keep a finger on the pulse of their client base.