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Divorce Lifeline offers a service which helps divorcees investigate whether their settlement was undervalued and assists them in recovering the shortfall. Frustrated with the lack of online leads, the company invited Air Social in 2016 to implement its creative approach to targeted social campaigns.

The Challenge

An outdated website made it difficult for Divorce Lifeline to stand out, and a limited social media presence affected its ability to reach its ideal audience.

The website had not been updated in a few years and was static in its design, which made it difficult for users to navigate and approach for more information. This also meant that the website was even less responsive using a mobile device, which was a missed opportunity for the many potential clients who use their phone to online search and engage with social apps.

This meant that the clever targeting of social media adverts to users based on their geographic location, age and relationship status, had also not been previously harnessed and would be a key approach by Air Social to unlocking a wider audience and greater leads.

Our Approach

The first step involved a rebranding exercise of the company’s logo as well as making the website more user-friendly. With insight from Divorce Lifeline, a range of potential audiences were also defined of which to target.

Air Social carefully considered the rebranding of Divorce Lifeline, to improve the existing logo and website with inspiring and hopeful creative, to resonate with potential clients looking for a brighter future. Technical improvements were also made to ensure the website was easily navigable as well as being optimised for mobile browsing.

Integral to obtaining new leads, was the implementation of a clever social media campaign which targeted users based on their geographic location, age and relationship status, with copy that instiled trust and professionalism as well as provided a clear call to action to navigate to the website or fill out an in-app lead generation form.

Air Social also identified opportunities to target potential clients of Divorce Lifeline (predominantly women born in 1950s/1960s), with copy which related to public sector careers that had final pension salaries, such as the Ministry of Defence and the NHS, as well as civil and steel workers.

These eye-catching ads were targeted geographically where there was a large amount of industry work, such as The Midlands and Wales, with images of workers in the related uniform. In addition, further ads were created to target Facebook and Instagram users nationally depending on their relationship status with copy that related to these positions asking if their ex-partner had worked in these industries, this time with lifestyle images of women in the same age demographic.

Tony Derbyshire CEO at Divorce Lifeline said: “It’s important that we remain niche within our industry but well-known with potential clients. Air Social helps us to achieve exactly that with digital marketing, which is direct, highly targeted and provides consistent leads.”

The Results

With consistent, high-performing ads, supported by fresh organic content, Divorce Lifeline has since been receiving a large number of direct enquiries.

In the past year alone, the ads generated by Air Social have reached 476,151 users, generated 44,103 clicks, leading to 1,482 direct enquiries, of which translates to just 0.32p cost per click (CPC).

The combination of a more responsive website, optimised for mobile search, as well as a hyper-targeted strategy to specific users on Facebook and Instagram, has enabled Divorce Lifeline to receive an average 123 leads per month.

In addition, each of the campaigns has generated between 40-50 comments from previous clients endorsing the successful work, providing that sought after third-party testimonial that helps encourage more website visits, direct conversions and further digital marketing success.

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