Bury Council – Now I Care campaign

We worked alongside Unique Training Solutions to drive an adult social care recruitment campaign for Bury Council.

The Challenge

Bury Council had been struggling to fill a backlog in adult social care vacancies across Bury, Prestwich, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Tottington and Whitefield, which had become increasingly difficult in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

For the client, it was important to get across that adult social care work comes in all shapes and sizes and can be a career, not just a job.

Our Approach

We came up with a campaign targeting people with transferrable skills – those who were fed up and wanted a career change or had perhaps lost their job due to the coronavirus pandemic and could use their skillset within the adult social care sector.

Under the umbrella of #BeTheDifference, the advertising campaign had two straplines: 'Now I care' and 'Now is the time'.

Our creative team came up with creative imagery depicting people who had previously worked in a variety of industries, from IT to education and hospitality but now worked and – more importantly – loved working in care.

We targeted specific age groups and interests within various pinpoint locations in the Bury and wider Greater Manchester district via Facebook and Instagram – directing them to a dedicated landing pages to apply for vacancies.

As the campaign progressed, we identified that Google Ads would also be a worthwhile channel to activate, and so we implanted search campaigns too.

Under the umbrella of #BeTheDifference, the advertising campaign had two straplines: 'Now I care' and 'Now is the time'

The Results

The two-month social media campaign resulted in 268,893 impressions, a reach of 121,785, 2,019 clicks to the landing page and 540 leads – an average of 9 per day.

The Google Ad campaign which ran alongside generated 32,979 impressions, 2,756 clicks and 274 leads over just a matter of weeks.


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