Mental Health Awareness with Air Social

Mental Health Awareness Week starts every year on the second Monday in May. In a world that is increasingly opening up to – and understanding those with – mental health issues, it’s no surprise that Mental Health Awareness Week is now a firm fixture, both nationally and globally. It’s organised by the Mental Health Foundation, and focuses on a major issue each and every year. This year, Mental Health Awareness Week focuses on stress.

A recent YouGov survey of 4,619 adults aged over 18 showed that 32% of us get stressed by thinking about work in our personal time, 23% of us compromise our health to get work done and 16% compromise relationships. Whilst stress is completely normal for everyone, when it becomes constant and overwhelming, it can cause deep-reaching problems that can affect us in all kinds of damaging ways.

Although Mental Health Awareness Week itself is a couple of months behind us, we take our well-being seriously at Air Social and decided to run our own mental health awareness day to get in touch with potential workplace stressors, which can easily strike any of us at any time. Getting in control of these potential stressors is key; not only to ensure that everyone in our fantastic team is at their creative peak, but to also nurture a culture of openness and understanding.

We chose to spend our mental health awareness day with Beau Honey, an accredited hypnotherapist with a very successful background in supporting clients to achieve their goals, surpassing mental blocks such as stress. Beau kicked off our day with a detailed, informative talk on how stress is triggered and how to deal with it in a workplace environment. He then skilfully led us through how information is passed through different parts of the brain, and how and where emotional patterns are learnt and triggered.

Each of the team also had an opportunity for a private stress-buster session with Beau, which was a great opportunity to experience the benefits of relaxation and focus in a safe, calm environment. We ended our day on a high, our awareness heightened and our sense of teamwork improved.

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