Love what you wear. Love what you do.

Air Social’s Managing Director, Alex Vinall sat down with Emma Reed from ‘Emma Shoe Styling You’ to discuss life at Air Social Marketing Agency and rocking the perfect outfit to boost confidence!

Describe your job.

“I am the Managing Director of Air Social, which is a Digital Agency in the heart of Guildford. Air Social’s main aim and one goal is to help provide people with the social media management to get their message out and generate genuine leads.”

How did you get into what you do?

“Working for PR, sales and advertising helped to generate a love for the work I now do at Air Social. When my Harry, my son, was a baby I wanted to have as much time with him as I could, as well as continue my career. The natural solution was to work for myself and build my own business.”

What’s the best thing about your work?

“I love being able to hang out with all my friends at work. Everyday, being surrounded with inquisitive minds and big personalities really makes working feel like play.”

Tell us something about your work that we might not know.

“Through working with the amazing Inspiration Space (shout-out to Liana Fricker!), I have mentored women starting their own business; talking them through their USPs and marketing strategy. These women are truly inspirational, often juggling young families at the same time as kicking off their businesses.”

What do you think makes women feel confident and what makes you feel confident?

“What makes me feel confident would have to be achieving excellent results for our clients. When we receive all the thank you cards, it makes me realise how much we are succeeding in helping others. In addition to this, seeing the team progress through the company is a great feeling, as we work together to take on whatever is thrown our way.”

From a woman’s perspective, I’d have to say nailing your outfit from first thing is a definite confidence boost.

What’s the favourite piece in your wardrobe and why?

“Definitely my trainers. Whether I am wearing a fancy dress or a pair of casual jeans, I make them fit the outfit.”

Any other comments?

“Time in the morning is often considered rare, which means I don’t have time to waste when it comes to choosing outfits. However, recently Emma has helped style me to build a unique and personal capsule wardrobe. Now, thanks to Emma, my morning time has been saved and I have a new sense of confidence now my personal style has been defined.”

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