How To Stay On Top During Lockdown

How To Stay On Top During Lockdown

While we’re under lockdown, it’s time to focus on the human side of your business. With work being conducted from our home offices, many traditional professional barriers are being breached with important meetings taking place over Zoom and Skype and children and partners dipping in and out of frame in the background. It’s not business as usual, but there’s still business to be done. Without the bricks and mortar face to our companies, we’re having to rely more on the human face within our homes. Now is the time to mix up your offerings and stay relevant in this rapidly shifting market. 

Here are some of the tips on how to stay on top of things during these unpredictable times.

Offer Something For Free

If people aren’t currently buying your product and if your product is something that can be trialled then now is the time to do so. There’s a captive audience, bored and looking for things to entertain them be it educational or leisure. Making a service or product of yours free during this time means that you might be able to build up quite a devoted following from people who are now willing to give things their full attention. Offering something for free or at a substantial discount is also an excellent goodwill gesture and may pay back tenfold in the future. You might not be selling as much as usual, so you might as well take advantage of this situation to try and build up a following for the future. 

Offer Consultations 

You’ve got time and others have time. There’s no leaving the house so why not take advantage of this and undertake the consultations, meetings and interviews that you don’t usually have the time for. Getting this work done now means you’ll be raring to go once lockdown is lifted. If you want to build up a future customer base, you could offer these consultations for free, or you could try and monetise your expertise and get some extra cash.

Video is King

Video has always been the king of content, and now it comes to the fore more than ever before. Internet traffic has shot up enormously, and video content is being consumed, devoured even, at all hours of the day. Contribute to this consumption by putting our video content that provides useful advice, entertainment or education for viewers. If you haven’t done so before then, don’t be surprised if it feels like you’re shouting out into the void at first, but with time, and that’s one thing we’ve all got at the moment, your following will grow and you never know just how far your message will reach.

Go Live

Further to the previous point, now is the perfect time to go live with your message. Open your business up for questions, give feedback and advice. People want to see the human side to your business, and they want to hear you explain why yours is the best out there and why you should be listened to above others. 

The overall key is to use this time to grow your customer base and plan to monetise it in the future. Being under lockdown is a shared experience, and it’s crucial that during periods of stagnation we stay connected with our audiences, adapt our services to remain relevant, and make sure that our offerings remain consistently high quality at all times

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