How to connect with Generation Z, according to Facebook

In recent years, Millennials have been the focus of most marketing campaigns but Generation Z (those aged 24 and under) is set to completely redefine the focus of digital marketing.

According to Facebook Gen Z, which has grown up solely in a social media world, is already estimated to influence some $143 billion in spending in the US alone thus understanding what makes these individuals tick is quickly becoming essential for marketers.

In its Getting to Know the ‘Me Is We’ Generation report, Facebook has unveiled some interesting insights into how best to connect with Gen Z consumers and here are the key points.

Diversity is key

Gen Z is the most diverse generation in history and its members like seeing representation beyond conventional constructs. Over 70% say they would like to see more diversity in advertising with just 45% saying the feel they are represented in the ads they see online.

Channel curiosity

Growing up in a world of constant connectivity means Gen Z faces an onslaught of information. According to Facebook, 43% of Gen Zers say they find it difficult to choose what to watch, listen to and read. But they are also highly inquisitive. When it comes to how they feed their curiosity and where they find inspiration, many Gen Zers develop strategies that incorporate multiple sources of influence and leverage different channels to serve different needs. Brands should therefore use a variety of platforms to reach and engage with them.

Group communication

While they prize their individuality, Gen Zers also crave the connections that communities create. Gen Z consumers are open to brands participating in group discussions, so long as they offer value and do not simply blast members with your latest offers. Facebook added the ability for Pages to join and post in groups, last year so joining and engaging with Gen Z communities is a good way for brands to connect.

The bigger picture

Sustainability and equality are of key importance to Gen Z and so they seek to rally around causes that will benefit the greater good – and brands that do the same. According to Facebook’s data, over 60% say they would pay more for products that are produced in an ethical and sustainable way and 77% say the feel more positively towards a brand when it promotes gender equality on social media.

The report concludes that: “members of Gen Z find gratification in evolving their identities from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ These digital-savvy consumers tend to deeply value inclusivity, community and building a better world, thus brands that demonstrate altruistic values and communicate authentically will be the ones to connect most meaningfully with this generation.”

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