How to Grow Instagram Followers for Business

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Statistics show 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram daily. Vastly growing through its years of existence, Instagram has massively changed the way social media works; pioneering an increase in the use of visual content.

Instagram sees 700 million monthly active users – these vary from personal users, to brands, to celebrities and influencers.

So how can your business grow its Instagram followers?

Show off your product or service

Having a sole focus on visually engaging content is what sets Instagram aside from the competition. If your posts are showing your products and services in a good light, not only is it going to portray your business in a positive light, but it can also have a side effect of generating enquiries. Branching out from this, you can even use Instagram to allow your followers to feature their pictures on your page. This type of engagement can drastically bolster customer relationships.

Always have a call to action

Present followers with a call to action – this should be at the centre of your mind when creating engaging content. Include links to relevant products and sites in your bio as well as utilising the instagram story feature to direct traffic to you. In addition to this, captions could be written so that they are engaging and asking followers to take action.


To build up a following try running competitions requiring people to follow you to participate; share your brand with friends via tags or posts on their own pages to increase engagement. It’s likely that if potential followers see their friends expressing interest/sharing info they are likely to engage.

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