A look at 2021

Fly in 2021 – new year, new marketing strategy and how to adapt in a lockdown world

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s the need to adapt. The ability to be able to pivot your business in the face of adversity can be key, not only to your business’ success but its survival.

The shift to working from home and reduced social contact has seen mass take-up of online products and services. While this won’t work for every business, if you haven’t yet got a strong online presence, now is the time to get one.

Air Social has worked with a number of companies, large and small, to increase their digital presence during the global pandemic; from creating a completely new website or adding a lead funnel/ landing page to an existing one for the new arm of a business to creating content for an engaging social media campaign and getting creative with how our clients use video (this is a key trend for 2021).

But adapting or pivoting your business also means modifying your marketing strategy – you need to be able to quickly let your customers know what changes you might be making and how they can still access your product or service, albeit in a slightly different way.

Adapting how your business operates may also mean that you have opened yourself up to an altogether different client base, which you will need to reach and engage with. This requires adopting a tailored and targeted approach to your marketing strategy – one that can get your message to the right people and convert to a sale.

It’s not just about selling

As well as working with businesses to adapt their marketing efforts in light of the coronavirus outbreak, Air Social has also worked closely with local authorities in the south of England to adapt their digital communication strategy.  

Having delivered hugely successful digital marketing campaigns for clients in the events industry, we recognised that the same methods they use to effectively target consumers and boost ticket sales for events, could be implemented to help councils deliver their coronavirus test and trace messaging.

The strategy has been successfully rolled out across Surrey, Devon and West Sussex – you can find out more about the individual campaigns by clicking on the relevant tab on our work page.

Our Managing Director, Alexandra Vinall, comments: “We hope to help more councils across the country with their coronavirus communication strategy and also adopt this pioneering approach to inform and educate their residents about the coronavirus vaccine roll outs available in their local area.”

It’s important to remember that the ability to adapt your business shouldn’t just be reserved for a crisis such as coronavirus. If you’re thinking of making a pivot, we’re here to help your business navigate the dynamic digital marketing landscape and help your business fly in 2021. Contact one of the Air Social team to find out more.

If you are a local authority and want to find out more about how Air Social can help you deliver coronavirus test and trace or vaccine messaging within your area, email chris@airsocial-build-com.stackstaging.com.

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