Facebook unveils algorithm secrets.

Facebook and other social media channels have come under much scrutiny for using algorithms to recommend content without explaining to users how they work.

However, Facebook has now decided to launch a new feature that will reveal an insight into how its algorithms choose what to display in your News Feed.

Users in the UK will soon start seeing, a new ‘Why am I seeing this post?’ button appear on their news feeds, indicating what activity influences Facebook’s algorithms.

The tool, which will appear in the drop-down menu at the top right of every post in the News Feed, will offer insights such as: “You’ve commented on posts with photos more than other media types.”

Facebook also plans to add more information to the “Why am I seeing this ad?” button, which has appeared on advertisements since 2014, that will let people know if details on their Facebook profile matched those on an advertiser’s database.

Here at Air Social, we are always entirely transparent with our clients and are happy to see Facebook is making moves to enlighten users on how it operates.

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