What’s in the Facebook Topics and Trends Report 2020?

What’s in the Facebook Topics and Trends Report 2020?

Facebook has unveiled its annual report, which looks at the conversations on the cusp of going mainstream in 2020.

The 2020 Topics and Trends Report from Facebook IQ is a culmination of a year’s worth of research and insights and covers trends across six categories including Art and Design, Beauty and Fashion, Entertainment, Food and Drink, Mind and Body and Travel and Leisure.

For the first time this year the report has not only looked at data from the US but three other global regions including the UK. The UK findings identified two growths – Fitness is Fun and Re-Commerce. Here we summarise the findings. 

Fitness is fun

“Following a trend pioneered in the US, a new crop of boutique fitness centres is bringing the UK workout into a party setting, helping people blow off steam and have fun while they get in shape,” says the report.

As well as the traditional fitness classes on offer, studios have started to host dance-based classes under neon lights, where participants come with glow sticks, and silent disco bootcamps are also on the rise.

In certain parts of the UK, pub crawls are being replaced with ‘sweat crawls’. These ‘travelling workouts’ hit multiple fitness clubs for cardio and strength training instead of bars for drinks. Trail running festivals, which combine fitness with music performances, have also become popular.

With the value of the health and fitness market exceeding £5bn in 2019 and more fun fitness opportunities emerging – it’s an industry worth watching.


“Thrifting is on the rise in the UK, particularly on the smartphone,” says the report. “Buying vintage clothing has always been a way to access luxury goods at lower prices, and as fashion trends move at a faster clip, younger shoppers are looking to differentiate themselves with unique pieces that their peers can’t emulate.”

With youthful shoppers also citing sustainability high on their list of priorities, the exchange market is definitely on the up. As a result, a crop of ‘re-commerce’ apps has emerged to make the swapping of second-hand clothing much faster and easier.

It’s proving a big draw, with vintage online shopping platforms, such as Depop, attracting over 10 million active users. One reason for this, the report says, is that the apps enable everyone the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and makes the shopping experience a peer-to-peer.

If you’re thinking of taking advantage of these trends and starting a business within these fields, or indeed another field, in 2020 – make sure you have a digital marketing strategy in place. Get in touch with us at Air Social to find out how we might be able to help.

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