Facebook remains front-runner for lead generation

When it comes to lead generation, not all social networks are created equal. Some businesses get great results on Pinterest, others on LinkedIn so it’s important to know where your potential customers are interacting, how they’re engaging, and then to be where they are to give yourself the best opportunity for exposure.

However, a report by Social Media Today has found that of all the social media channels, Facebook is still considered the clear front runner for lead gen.

In the survey, which was carried out in partnership with SharpSpring, over 320 marketeers were asked their thoughts on which platforms and approaches they find most effective for lead generation and what they expect in the future for social lead building.

More than 80% of respondents tagged Facebook as the best for lead generation, while LinkedIn and Instagram were also far ahead of the rest. It does makes sense — Facebook has the best ad options and tools for driving leads, it’s also the biggest platform. Meanwhile, LinkedIn has more direct appeal to B2B audiences and Twitter remains a key focus for most brands engaging in social media marketing.

The State of Social Lead Generation Report also looked at types of social media posts and what type of content digital marketeers should be creating to get the best lead generation.  Unsurprisingly, images and video came out top for social posts: “With so many visual options available, straight text posts are no longer as effective as they once were, and while “Stories” usage is rising, it’s still not a key platform just yet,” the report states.

And while still images (41%) and video (40%) are pretty much head-to-head in terms of lead generation via social posts, video is also right up there with blog posts in terms of lead generation via brand websites.

The most important element of any digital marketing strategy of course is knowing where your audience is active, but starting out that research with the three leading platforms in mind would be a reasonable approach – as would ensuring your posts include images, and if feasible, video content.

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