Is Facebook advertising failing to reach the mainstream?

A recent article from Marketing Week detailed P&G, the owners of brands such as Fairy and Pampers is moving away from Facebook targeting as the advertising wasn’t mainstream enough, with ads targeted at specific consumer groups they weren’t achieving their expected ROI.

Whilst Facebook advertising can be an incredibly effective tool for reaching specific consumer groups, being able to appeal to the masses with an overview of how your ads are performing has never been easier. As long as you’ve got the budget of course.

Unlike more traditional forms of advertising such as print and radio, monitoring online success and driving sales through Facebook was a pivotal point in shaping how brands market themselves today. Pre-calculated estimated reaches, audiences as broad or narrow as a brand desires and at a much lower cost through in comparison to traditional means, Facebook for Business provides an innovative solution to marketeer’s looking to expand brand reputation’s and drive traffic right to your doorstep through online means.

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Whilst our heads may be up in the social media cloud, our feet are firmly on the ground.

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