How to hone Conversion Rate Optimisation, Part Two: Be more strategic

Not happy with the conversion rates you’re receiving from your digital marketing efforts?

In the second of our series on Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Air Social Marketing Agency managing director Alex Vinall has these tips on taking a more strategic approach to your digital marketing to boost your CRO and in turn better your business.

Quality not quantity

Let’s admit it; there are times when we all get fed up with posts that aren’t relevant to us continually popping up across our social media channels? If you’re significantly close to pressing the ‘hide’ button, so you never have to hear from that personal trainer or hair product company again then remember your customers are no different.

Some companies really can overdo it when promoting their content, sharing it everywhere and sending notifications about every new piece of content to every subscriber. While this may seem like a good idea, it’s not necessarily the best way to boost conversions and could even end up turning people off if the content isn’t relevant to them. There’s a good reason for the adage: ‘less is more’ so it’s a good idea to evaluate what content you are sending out, where it’s going and to whom.

Plan ahead

A content marketing strategy is essential to ensure you are delivering quality digital output relevant to your audience or in some cases, multiple audiences. By taking a more strategic approach to the distribution of your content, you are much more likely to boost conversion rates. Planning how to promote this content to specific leads and customers may well take a bit of time, but it will generate better quality content and sales leads.


Delivering relevant content to specific customers is much more likely to guide them through the sales funnel. You need to consider different content for each stage of the sales funnel and for factors like what industry or job role they might be in. Sort recipients into different segments based on the above and then curate some of your best content to suit each group, rather than sending the same content to everyone.

Lookalike Audiences

Once you have identified the characteristic qualities of the people in your audience and targeted them with relevant content, you can create a Lookalike Audience. This is a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to your best existing customers.


Once you have curated and targeted your content to your various audiences, it’s a good idea to retarget those who have shown an interest in your business before as they provide a stronger chance of converting. Retarget them with ads promoting content relevant to what they have previously viewed. Tools like Facebook Pixel can help you to do this.

To see more on how we at Air Social digital marketing agency have helped clients increase their conversion rates visit our projects page or if you’d like to speak to us about how we can help you put together a digital content marketing strategy to help you boost your business, contact us.

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