February 17, 2023

Client Spotlight: Surrey County Council Chlamydia Test Kits

Surrey County Council identified rising cases of chlamydia among young people across Surrey. Recognising a need to use digital platforms to reach this audience, Surrey County Council came to Air Social for help. 

Having worked together before, Surrey County Council knew it could rely on Air Social to reach its target audience of young women across Surrey. 

Air Social identified Snapchat and Meta (Facebook and Instagram) as the platforms that both allowed adverts related to sexual health and had high usage among young women. 

Working closely together, Surrey County Council and Air Social created an advertising campaign using static images and animated assets. 

Using bright, bold colours and featuring young women, the adverts contained clear messaging around the health risks of chlamydia with a direct call to action to order a free testing kit. 

Running over three months, the campaign achieved 3,397,519 impressions, successfully delivering the messaging of free testing kits to women aged 16-24 across Surrey. 

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