May 2, 2023

Client Spotlight: Royal School for the Deaf Derby (RSDD)

Royal School for the Deaf Derby’s Headteacher was retiring after over 30 years of outstanding service, and RSDD needed help from Air Social to find a new Headteacher.

RSDD is a non-maintained day and residential special school with a nationwide catchment area catering to deaf children and young people aged between 3 and 18.

With their existing Headteacher retiring after an exceptional tenure at RSDD, they needed help to attract the best candidates from across the country to carry on its journey to provide the best support and education for deaf children and young people.

Due to the nature of the school and the skills required to succeed in the role, RSDD needed help to reach a highly skilled and specific audience with a quality-over-quantity approach.

Air Social designed and built a landing page specifically for the campaign featuring information about Royal School for the Deaf Derby and the Headteacher role.

Alongside this, Air Social worked with RSDD to design and deliver an eye-catching job specification pack which explained the role in detail and conveyed the unique environment RSDD offers both staff and pupils.

To ensure the landing page and job specification pack landed in front of the right people, Air Social built a LinkedIn ad campaign targeting teachers with the skills needed to flourish at RSDD. Using job title targeting paired with skill-based targeting and targeting specific schools across the UK, Air Social delivered ads to a highly specialised audience aiming to reach only the most relevant candidates.

Running over a month to a highly specialised audience, the campaign succeeded in driving quality traffic and interest from ideal candidates.

Royal School of the Deaf Derby, with the support of Air Social, managed to attract a number of candidates for the role. With an exceptional hire being made, with the new Headteacher now in place and leading RSDD to greater success.

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