What did I anticipate to gain from my chosen work experience?

We love taking on work experience students, giving them the opportunity to learn about our industry, experience our working environment and learn new skills. Here’s our latest protégé, Simon, talking about his thoughts on digital marketing.

Marketing has been the key way for establishments to gain vital information on consumers and their purchasing trends and habits for a significant period of time, and allows them to continually adapt their processes in order to attract customers and obtain their loyalty. The unique concept adopted by Air Social Marketing has risen from the increase in the use of online mediums, such as social media, which allows businesses to efficiently capitalise on to develop relationships with prospective customers. The challenge with this opportunity is that many firms are unaware of how to use this form of modern marketing to accurately pinpoint their target market and develop their online portfolio of information and make it accessible to the consumer. This is where Air Social Marketing comes in. The company’s team of employees that are adept to their specific roles, which include animation, web design, lead generation, account management etc. and the businesses they serve experience the export relationship marketing strategy that Air Social is renowned for.

As a sixth-form student I am looking to gain expertise from experienced individuals in a number of roles, within the digital marketing environment so that I ca obtain a grasp on how business knowledge can be applied to developing an online portfolio of clients. I am also interested in how creativity is nurtured in order to differentiate companies from their competitors, enhancing brand image in the process. I firmly believe an insight into these skills can be of great use to me as I try to conceptualise marketing strategy that caters for the present and future needs of clients/businesses in a practical manner.

Written and published by Simon Ansari

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