NHS Surrey Heartlands

With vaccine uptake low within several groups across Surrey, NHS Surrey Heartlands appointed Air Social to help reach these cohorts with targeted advertising.

The Challenge

To boost covid vaccine numbers among low-uptake groups across Surrey.

As the statutory organisation responsible for developing plans to meet population of Surrey’s health needs, NHS Surrey Heartlands was faced with a challenge: to increase the uptake of the covid vaccine among pockets of people within the county.

Each specific audience needed to be directed to the National Booking Service with tailored engaging messaging that would enable them to easily find and use vaccination services near them.

Our Approach

Air Social utilised Meta ads’ powerful targeting options to reach the cohorts in geo-targeted locations.

The primary goal of the campaigns was to capture the attention of low-uptake cohorts, therefore the campaigns focused on reach and engagements.

Utilising Meta ads’ powerful targeting options, together with data from NHS Surrey Heathlands, we were able to build tightly-defined, interest-based audience groups to direct our campaign.

Combining these with precise pin-drop geo-targeting, which placed the messaging within social media feeds of people within 1km radiuses of key low-uptake locations throughout Surrey, we were able to deliver NHS Surrey Heartlands’ messaging to the right people in the right places.

The campaigns have been incredibly successful with NHS Surrey Heartlands continuing with Air Social for further campaigns.

The Results

The vaccine campaigns were incredibly successful in delivering important messaging to Surrey’s low-uptake areas.

With over 7 million impressions to date, nearly 7,000 clicks, and over 52,000 engagements, the campaigns have been massively successful in delivering covid vaccine messaging to the targeted cohorts.

The campaigns proved that combining highly specific location targeting with interest-based audiences is a great way to ensure reach within a well-defined target audience.

The majority of the UK population is active on Facebook and Instagram and this was a great example of how Meta ads, when paired with good audience knowledge (and an expert marketing team), can be one of the most powerful tools businesses have access to.





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