FG Barnes

FG Barnes is a new and used car dealership based in Guildford. The organisation is an approved dealer of Vauxhall and one of just a handful of suppliers of the 100% electric ORA cars in the UK.

The Challenge

An already established and well-respected brand, FG Barnes was looking to raise its profile across Guildford and the surrounding areas and continue positioning itself as a leading car dealer in the county. It was also keen to drive enquiries around its new and used cars, targeting a range of audiences who have shown an interest in new and used cars. With a previous focus on traffic-only digital campaigns, which had resulted in fewer conversions, we were tasked with enhancing the dealership’s current digital advertising to increase brand awareness, encourage leads and drive conversions.

The Approach

Utilising META advertising, we created a series of campaigns to encourage conversions via a lead form model. Using FG Barnes’ bold and eye-catching creative, we developed campaigns that targeted individuals with a specific interest in cars, including the key brands sold and electric and hybrid vehicles. While the carousel campaigns ran to attract a wide demographic, users had the opportunity to enquire based on their vehicle preferences, whether that was Vauxhall or the new all-electric ORA, bringing them to a dedicated lead form. Leads were then sent directly to the sales team to follow-up.

In addition to the ongoing lead campaigns, we have also helped promote key VIP events, targeting local individuals with a specific interest in cars to help drive attendance.

The Results

Since partnering with FG Barnes, we have significantly increased conversions through a series of carefully considered digital advertising campaigns. 







We’ve been working with Air Social since August 2023 and have really enjoyed working with the team. They are all extremely knowledgeable, quick to respond to any queries or requests, and proactive when it comes to improving outcomes. We are excited to continue working with the team and pushing our brand forward.”

FG Barnes

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