ep group

ep group combines progressive corporate ownership with catalytic capital to empower entrepreneurs to achieve maximum impact and accelerate the shift to a net-zero and regenerative economy.

The Challenge

Dedicated to building a network of talented businesses focused on delivering net zero and the regenerative economy, ep group approached Air Social to help it reach investors and businesses interested in the net zero transition and energy sector.

Our Approach

Our work with ep group involved supporting the four different companies under the ep umbrella, including ep consultancy, ep projects, ep assets and ep impact. We delivered marketing services including consultancy and management of its paid B2B digital advertising campaign.

Using Google Paid and Google Search, we took a two-pronged approach for the digital marketing campaign. One part of the campaign targeted ‘impact investors’, who make investments with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact together with financial return.

The second part of the campaign targeted new business owners who are looking for further investment in a big to deliver against the net zero transition (energy related businesses).

The Results

Given the niche target audience, the campaign was a huge success and resulted in 4,721 impressions in the investors campaign and 6,322 impressions for the new business owner campaign. The campaign has also significantly increased awareness of ep group’s mission to accelerate the shift to net zero and a regenerative economy.

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