Derma Group

Derma Group specialises in medical-grade and beauty device technologies for the beauty and aesthetic industry. Founded by CEOs Robert and James, the organisation was established with the mission of providing the beauty industry with access to affordable, high-quality beauty technologies, empowering businesses to expand and thrive. Initially launched in the UK in 2022, Derma Group successfully extended its operations to the UAE in 2023.

The Challenge

After an incredibly successful digital advertising campaign that generated a remarkable 2,683 leads After a successful digital advertising campaign via Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search, Derma Group approached us for a complete brand refresh. This encompassed developing a new logo, brand identity, and website. Dedicated to providing affordable non-surgical beauty equipment and products, Derma Group aimed to ensure their brand was both aspirational and reflective of the high-class, luxurious nature of their offerings.

In addition to a new brand identity, Derma Group sought a website that would serve as a fresh, engaging platform for selling their products and services. The site needed to be accessible and easy to navigate while retaining the distinctive high-class appeal of the Derma Group brand.

The Approach

Our process was divided into three phases. We began with a deep dive to learn more about Derma Group’s business and its objectives. This involved exploring the company’s core values, ethos, market position, and competitors. To ensure the project’s success, we needed a comprehensive understanding of Derma Group, its audience, and its goals.

Next, we entered an in-depth ideation phase, presenting three creative routes based on the brand’s mission and core values. Each concept included a new logo, typography, and website mock-up, each highlighting different aspects of Derma Group’s values.

The chosen concept reflected the brand’s high-end, luxurious nature, featuring a rich colour palette of green and gold. With approval for the new brand identity, we developed a brand bible and a robust brand assets package. This included a logo, supporting graphics, typography, guidelines, and mock-up assets to illustrate and bring the new brand to life.

The Website

The website, the hero asset of the rebrand, needed to convey the brand’s personality and exemplify its core values. We take pride in our holistic approach to website design and development, so having crafted the brand identity, we were ideally positioned to create a cohesive online presence that showcased the brand’s technologies and products and positioned the team as thought leaders in the industry.

The new site featured enhancements to elevate the user journey, including a user-friendly interface, advanced search functionality, and an integrated online storefront. From initial discovery and design to the final launch, the project was completed in [insert timeframe].

Derma UAE Launch

Following the successful rebrand of Derma Group in the UK market, the company was keen to expand its operations in the UAE, albeit with a focus on its clinical services rather than technology. With the UAE being a completely different marketplace and with the focus on B2C rather than B2B, we undertook another discovery session with the organisation to find out what they wanted to achieve.

In comparison to the UK, marketing in the UAE requires careful consideration of various cultural, legal, and market-specific factors to ensure the strategy is effective and respectful. Cultural norms, imagery, and language all needed to be carefully considered to ensure they were both appropriate and respectful. This necessitated a thorough understanding of local customs, traditions, and social norms.

Website development played a crucial role in this expansion. We needed to design and develop a website that was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly for the UAE audience. The website had to provide a seamless user experience, from easy navigation to accessible information about clinical services, which was essential in building trust and credibility with potential clients.

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