How to build a lead generating website

Designing your website for maximum impact

So your website is up and looking slick but it’s just not generating the leads that you thought it would. What’s gone wrong?

Like many businesses, you might have lost sight of your website’s primary purpose – converting traffic into leads. It’s essential to consider your website within your wider marketing strategy. Take time to plan and implement your website’s marketing goals, keeping lead generation at the forefront of your mind when designing. Without a properly functioning website channelling new customers, your business isn’t going to achieve the growth rate you’re hoping for.

So how do you plan for maximum impact?

Create functional forms

To optimise your site for lead generation it’s important to have user-friendly lead generation forms. User testing has revealed that forms which focus on motor actions (clicking and cursor movement) rather than cognitive actions, (typing and thought) were more successful in generating leads. Simplifying the means by which a user engages with your site encourages them to leave their details as they can see it won’t cost them much time.

Not many people enjoy form-filling, even when they are keen on the product or service on offer. Studies show that sites that have forms which utilise non-standard user interface (UI) designs perform significantly better than traditional form layouts. Using toggle sliders and simple, clickable images can improve the look and feel of a form – making the experience more fun and interactive.

Use an adaptable layout

In a highly effective lead-generation website, every page has a distinct purpose. Making sure that your website provides the user with a clear pathway towards the action that you want them to take is essential. Placing a clear call to action (CTA) on your landing page, and any further pages where new visitors are likely to reach, is vital for generating leads. These CTAs should be clearly visible, enticing and well explained – giving your user a clear reason to click on it.

Keep in mind that the majority of people who view your site will do so on a mobile device. In the last few years, statistics show that more websites are accessed via mobile devices than laptops or desktops. It is therefore important that your website does not follow a ‘one size fits all’ design but that is can work well across a range of different devices.

Build trust

Building trust through the use of customer testimonies, client logos or case studies will go a long way in establishing the credibility of your business or brand. Users are more likely to provide their personal details to a company they feel they can trust and that others have endorsed. Using video testimony is one of the most persuasive methods of moving a prospective customer further along the marketing funnel. Make sure you keep it short though – 90 seconds of high-quality video with clear and concise feedback performs best.


Give users a reason to fill out your lead generation forms and make sure it is an action that will also benefit them. Websites that provide rewards for handing over user details perform significantly better than those that simply have ‘want to find out more?’ CTAs. There are a range of different ways in which you can give something back to those that give you their personal information, these include things like discounts on purchases, access to exclusive content or free trials.

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