The Best Christmas Adverts Of All Time (Air Social Edition)

Everyone loves a good Christmas advert to get them in the mood for the holiday season and give them that fuzzy, festive feeling.

What captures the essence of Christmas for the Air Social team? Here are some of our all-time favourite, festive adverts…

Alex: The Coca-Cola advert is sure to get me feeling Christmassy – ‘holidays a’ com’n!’ It captures the childish excitement and anticipation of Christmas and couples it with a catchy song. The sight of the bright lights of the Coca-Cola lorries winding their way through the dark, snowy scene is really iconic. It’s an amazing bit of advertising!

Oli: My favourite Christmas advert is definitely ‘Man on the Moon’ by John Lewis. The advert is about a little girl who does everything she can to make a lonely man feel loved at Christmas. It evokes so many emotions as the lonely man on the moon represents the many people who live alone, celebrating Christmas in isolation every year. The advert also touches on the message that showing just a little compassion and kindness can mean the world to someone. In this advert, John Lewis has successfully captured the essence of what Christmas is really all about.

Aaron: I think this advert by WestJet is pretty amazing. Obviously it’s not a British brand and it’s a few years old now but I think it’s incredible. What a great way of showing guerrilla and viral marketing tactics; the people flying had no idea that they would receive the gifts they requested, they believed they were just interacting with a digital billboard. A really amazing way to spread Christmas joy when they went to collect their luggage!

Freddie: The John Lewis advert with the boxer dog is my favourite as it really captures the excitement of Christmas. The dad building the trampoline at night to surprise the kids feels really nostalgic and the sight of foxes and badgers jumping on a trampoline sticks with you! The coming together of animals that would normally avoid each other, and their sheer enjoyment of jumping on the trampoline is quite a good metaphor for how Christmas should be a time where we set aside our differences and celebrate together in the season.

Sally: It has to be the John Lewis ‘Bear and the Hare’ advert for me. It captures a really sweet moment and focuses on the magical feel of Christmas. All the elements just come together in this ad – great animation, memorable music and a sweet story. It is a beautiful little tale of friends looking out for each other and embodies the idea of thoughtful gift giving at this time of year.

Vanessa: Perhaps an unusual choice, but a memorable Christmas advert for me was the 2015 Sainsbury’s advert featuring Mog The Cat. Mog was a character that I used to enjoy reading about when I was a child, so it evokes a feeling of nostalgia for me. The advert does well to draw the viewer in by telling a story of a calamitous situation that rapidly escalates. The ending, with the whole neighbourhood coming together to help Mog’s family out, relays a great message about the importance of helping others less fortunate than ourselves.

Tilda: My favourite Christmas advert is the 2011 John Lewis advert about the little boy who can’t wait to give his gift. I feel it really captures how I feel about Christmas. I don’t lose sleep over the presents I’ll be receiving, but I get overly excited over the presents I’ll be giving to family and friends!

I relate to this little boy a lot-except the part where he falls asleep right after finishing his peas! I’ll be surviving on 3 hours sleep on Christmas Day, after spending the whole night anticipating the day ahead!

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