An outsiders take on new age Marketing

I am a chef who normally works in my villa (and farm) that I rent out in Tuscany. However, when Alex offered for me to do a few weeks of work experience at Air Social, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only do I have an innate interest in working with Air Social because of my family’s history in the marketing field, but it would it give me the chance to learn about how to market my own business (

The Old Fashioned Approach VS New Age Marketing

It used to be that you could only market your business or products by posting leaflets, on city signposts or by signing up for ads in a paper.

I actually come from a family of publishers who own the M. DuMont Art Book and Newspaper Publishing House in Germany. Before the Internet, newspapers were the largest marketing platform. This form of marketing is now antiquated, as it relies much too heavily on personal connections i.e. knowing someone at a newspaper company.

The increase in new channels and technologies, namely Facebook, Instagram and Google, has dramatically changed the world in which marketeers operate. This new framework means that marketing is more accessible to everyone, but has become much more complex. Now, marketeers can target users to a ridiculous level of accuracy. There are so many possible specifications, from age, gender, your income to even whether you are insured. Navigating this new world are a new breed of marketeers.

My Experience At Air Social

I think Air Social has spoilt office work for me (because I honestly don’t think anywhere else will ever match up!) Every member of the team is so animated and passionate about their work. It’s rarely quiet – whether it’s because they are discussing new campaign ideas or constructing tragic puns. Everyone constantly plays ideas off of each other, and if someone is stuck on a problem, anyone or everyone is willing to lend a hand. So many marketers often drown their clients with technical jargon, but Air Social have a very transparent approach with theirs. Air Social really care about each of their clients, and it’s really touching to see. I’m excited to watch how this amazing company develops and grows in the coming years.

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