Alex Vinall, MD of Air Social represents women in the digital sector at Mayor of London event

Alex Vinall, Managing Director of local digital marketing agency Air Social, was invited to participate in an event held by the Mayor of London which marked the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK.

The event, held today in Trafalgar Square, marked 100 years since the 1918 Representation of the People Act was passed. This was a landmark victory that gave the first women the right to vote in this country and was made possible by the dedicated campaigning of suffragists and suffragettes.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, unveiled an exhibition that featured images of the key women and men who propelled the suffrage movement forward. The 59 figures that were selected will be etched onto the plinth of the artist Gillian Wearing’s Millicent Fawcett statue, which will be unveiled in Parliament Square in April.

As a leading Surrey businesswoman, Alex was invited to represent women in the digital sector and to take a stand for women in the modern gender equality discussion. Her attendance at the Mayor’s event was timely as Air Social has recently formed a partnership with iamtheCODE, a global movement with local roots that is working to educate 1 million women and girls in computer coding by 2030. Alex flew the flag for this collaboration at today’s event and was able to provide an example of how the cause of women is being championed in today’s world.

Commenting on today’s event, Alex stated, ‘It was a privilege to be able to attend the unveiling of this commemorative exhibition. It is a cause I am passionate about and, as a woman in business, I am personally aware of the challenges and barriers that still exist for women in the present day. I feel honoured that I was able to take part in celebrating the immense achievements of the brave women and men who advanced the female cause all those years ago.’

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