Air Social at RV Capital's 2020 annual investor gathering

Air Social at RV Capital’s 2020 annual investor gathering

Last weekend, Alex Vinall, managing director of Air Social, had the pleasure of supporting RV Capital’s 2020 annual investor gathering held in Engelberg, Switzerland. RV Capital, for the uninitiated, is an independent fund managed by Alex’s brother, Rob.  

Set against the sweeping panoramas of the Swiss alps, the two-day event kicked off with a series of enlightening fireside chats with some esteemed guests. Attendees were fortunate to hear from Piet Mouton, CEO of the PSG Group, Nate Chesley, whose work includes selecting fund managers for MIT’s endowment, and private investor, Andreas Lechner. 

Discussions took place on a variety of topics ranging from the qualities sought after in prospective investment managers to how MIT decides who will manage its endowment.  A panel made up of representatives of other endowments and family offices also fielded questions from an eager audience.  

This high-profile event attracted an eclectic mix of people from across the globe, and what resonated with Alex the most, was the warmth and kindness she encountered throughout. Alex comments “I have always believed in building long-lasting, relationships with my clients through openness and transparency and this is a major part of the philosophy of the investors involved in this event.” In a high-pressure world where work demands are often all-consuming, it’s so important to treat the people who cross our path, and whose paths we cross, with the kindness we would like to face ourselves. 

Air Social is always jumping at exciting opportunities coming our way. If you’re interested in any of our services please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help. 

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