5 digital marketing hacks to help increase your business leads

The average internet user is served more than 11,000 online adverts per month, according to Huffington Post. With all that competition, how do you stand out from the crowd and make sure you capture your audience’s attention? Here are five digital marketing hacks to help increase your business leads:

  1. Video Marketing

Video is increasingly becoming one of the most digested forms of media; many people prefer to watch a video of a product’s feature than read the product description. But what makes a successful digital marketing video? The key is to tell a story, one that has a message and a clear call to action.

  1. Seek out the latest Growth Marketing Tactics

Stay up to date with all the relevant online marketing trends in your industry. Look at digital marketing blogs or, if you’re too short on time to do it yourself, employ the likes of a digital marketing agency, which will be able to do the work for you.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Around 80 per cent of people say they trust the recommendations of their friends and family. Using the face or name of someone familiar to endorse your product or service can therefore be a great way of gaining the trust of your audience.

  1. Data Capture

No matter how many visitors your website generates, if you aren’t compelling them to give you their information, you’re bound to miss out on converted leads. Ensure your traffic doesn’t leave without being given multiple chances to input their data, such as an exit pop up, competitions or gated content (such as allowing them to download something in exchange for filling in their details).

  1. Test, test, test

Just because you’ve set up your website and are doing all the right things across your social media platforms, it doesn’t mean the work stops. The world of digital marketing is an ever-changing one, so efforts in this field will always need to be tested and updated for optimization. A/B testing enables you to compare multiple versions of a web page to determine which one converts better – sometimes changing something as small as moving a headline on your website will increase leads.

If you need help keeping up to date with the ever-changing word of digital marketing to ensure your business is fully maximising its potential online, Air Social can help.

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