We make great websites, here’s why a discovery session is important

We make great websites, here’s why a discovery session is important

If your business has had a new website, or if you have had some creative design work done, it is likely you will have undergone a discovery session.

But what exactly is this? Well, on a basic level a discovery session is a meeting in which a project manager can get to know you, and your business. They use this to shape their vision of what you want, and direct the creative process. This is incredibly important, and can make or break a project. As well as getting to know you, the session also helps you get to know them, and what the creative direction they have for your site is.

Here are the 5 main reasons we see a discovery session as one of the most important parts of any new website:

Your website represents your brand.

It needs to sell who you are, what you do, and why you are the best. A discovery session gives us the opportunity to build a complete image of your business; it allows us to formulate a design and style direction, and allows us to make user journey decisions based on your type of customer.

Websites are complicated.

There is unfamiliar terminology, moving parts, and plenty of rabbit holes to get lost down. A discovery session gives us the opportunity to bring everyone onto the same page, providing a sturdy launch-pad off of which the rest of the project can be based. We love questions, and this is certainly the time to ask as many as possible.

Web projects take as much time as they need.

Feeling comfortable offering honest and frank feedback when required can save a huge amount of time, and will keep a project running in the correct direction. A discovery session is a great opportunity for us to get to  know you, and you us.

It’s likely that when you begin a web project you won’t have an incredibly clear idea of what you want.

The opportunity to explore ideas and inspirations gives us an opportunity to understand your vision. It allows us to envisage what you are wanting to achieve, and also to make sure it is in-line with the original scope for your website.

Detailed scope.

The discovery session is integral to making sure that the expectations of the business marry up to the vision of the developer. The discovery session gives us the ability to create a detailed project scope, ensuring that expectations are managed on both sides of the table.

There are of course many more benefits to having a detailed discovery session to kick off a new web project, however these for us are certainly the big ones. The most important take-away from this should be that a discovery session is about communication; it’s about talking through your ideas, talking through our ideas, and looking in detail at what the end result of the project will be

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